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Blessing Bundles

Marina Angotti

All natural, herbal bundles formulated to specifically help facilitate the grieving process through Mother Earth based beliefs. They are mixed specifically with your beloved in mind & imbued with the intention of respect, honor & gratitude. The natural parts of the bundle can be used in a fire ceremony or can be put into nature as an offering to biodegrade back into the environment. Ashes of your beloved can be mixed into  a clay medallion that can be placed into your Blessing Bundle. You may also choose either a Reiki, Shamanic or Christian Blessing to be given before shipment. The Blessing will be listed as its own product.

Sadness Bundle-Sadness Protection Bundle contains 2 parts red raspberry, 2 parts Jasmine, 1 part Elder Berry, 3 parts Siberian Ginseng & 1 part Feverfew. These materials are burnt into ash then mixed with 2 parts Safflower and 1 part Rose Hips.

Grieving Bundle-Grief Help Bundle contains 3 parts Jasmine, 2 Life Everlasting, 1 Red Raspberry, 1 Safflower, 2 Rhodiola Root, 1 part Fever Few.

Protection Bundle-Protection Bundle contains 2 parts Dandy Leaf, 1 part ground Elderberry, 3 parts Uva Ursi, 1 part Honeysuckle

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