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Policies and FAQs

For various reasons we sometimes get cancellations, due to an urn being sealed or a change of mind, and we will be happy to refund an order up until the artist starts their work on it. If we have already sent out a kit for the inclusions there is a $10 fee to cover the shipping & material costs of the kit. If we have not sent out the kit we can gladly make a full refund. A refund generally takes 3-5 business days to fully process.

Our items are handmade, artisan pieces  which will be similar to photos but will not be exact due to the nature of the process. We will not accept returns or issue refunds based on aesthetic issues.


For a customized quote please let us know what size, colors and designs you would like made & we will get back to you within 48hours. You may email us at Mourninggloryart@gmail.com or you can call 304 808 1797 EST between 9-6 pm. 


The group of artists I have brought into this venture are very talented & compassionate people who are committed to helping everyone to mourn and remember their loved ones in an artistic and personal way.


We have the right to refuse any order. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much ash is needed to send?  About the size of a pea generally for each item ordered. Any leftover will be returned to you.
  • How long does it take to get my items?  It depends on the items requested & the artist’s process. There is a general 14 day turnaround time once we receive the kit back to us. If an order is made that will fall outside of this time period due to vacation or other delays, you will be notified immediately with a revised time estimate. It will also depend on if you request to have all of your items shipped together when they are finished or if you want them shipped individually as they are finished.
  • What inclusions can be used? Ashes (cremains) of a loved one or pet, hair/fur either intact or as ash, soil from a special place, torched or a tiny piece of anything that can be torched into ash such as a snippet of a piece of favorite clothing, a picture, sliver of a tool handle or fishing pole or other item.
  • To decide on the right size of a vessel to be used as an urn, the general rule is that 1 pound of body weight will yield 1 cubic inch of cremains. For example, a 50 lb dog will need a vessel with a volume capacity of at least 60 cubic inches to have room to seal it.