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Our artisans make every single piece with quality, integrity & respect for those we serve.

Vicki Angotti with Vittoria & Banks

Vicki Vaughan Angotti started the design studio Vittoria & Banks in 2003. Her jewelry has been in galleries in multiple states as one of a kind creations ranging from everyday objects to solid silver and gold. She enjoys creating items with meaning and narrative and especially loves doing custom orders for people as new designs or redesigns of a previously loved item.  She is a Certified Precious Metal Clay artist, a juried Tamarack artist and has worked in glass, cold connection design,PMC in Silver, Bronze & Copper, sculpture and mixed media. She loves being able to create just the right design to give her clients the touchstone piece that resonates with them. She is so excited to be able to expand her line to include the items of remembrance offered here.

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Marina Vittoria Angotti

Marina studied Graphic Design at Shepherd University in WV and is a juried Tamarack artist. She was the youngest artist to jury into the statewide Tamarack system at 15 and continues to pursue many different mediums of art. She is currently doing an internship at a crematorium in PA and has been learning about many different mourning and death myths and traditions. She is committed to honoring the people, rituals of many faiths and belief systems in their time of mourning. She continues to study and learn more about many different subjects involved in her industry and her art.,

Bill Leaseburg

Bill a self-described “Working Artist”, began his career as a caricature artist in 1978. He has drawn at festivals and events up and down the Eastern Coast and as far west as Dallas Texas. Since his first gig at the Three Rivers Art Festival in Pittsburgh PA Bill has appeared at a variety of venues such as Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach, The Hickory Oktoberfest in NC, Summers and special events at Snowshoe Resort in WV, and a multitude of grand openings, weddings, birthdays, company picnics, Christmas Parties, Fund Raisers and other public and private events. His drawings are humorous and flattering at the same time. “I haven’t drawn EVERYBODY yet, but I’m working on it.”

 Although Bill is best known for his caricatures, he is also successful with The Starving Artist Studio created by he and his wife Amanda. Bill is also in demand for his Perfect Pet Portrait classes and Pet Portraits.  Bill also creates murals, signs, T-shirt design, ads, CD covers, wood carvings, Cigar box Guitars, whimsical art, Chainsaw Art and more.

Bill is a graduate of both the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Fairmont State College where he earned his BA in Art Education. After spending two years as Harrison County Schools “Artist in Residence” and teaching in and around Harrison County for many years, Bill and his Wife Amanda opened the 1st Starving Artist Studio in Little River South Carolina.  “I liked the sunshine and beaches, but it just wasn’t home.” So in 2012 he and Amanda moved the studio home to Clarksburg, WV.

 Bill's teaching style is fun, fast-paced and peppered with humor. His two most famous quotes are: 

“There is no stress – just success.” And “Artists don’t make mistakes. We just change our minds.”

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Megan Brown with Pretty Pickle

I’ve always had an admiration and appreciation of the beauty of nature. From the tallest and oldest tree in the forest, to the tiny fungi growing at its base, each is beautiful and perfect.  I began making resin jewelry to preserve these pieces of nature so that I could enjoy it always. I begin with identifying and researching the wings, flowers, and leaves, so that I can understand their qualities and how each individual flora or fauna will reach with the resin process. Depending on their unique physical qualities (moisture content, wing structure, color, size/depth, ethc.) the proper resin method of preserving will be used to arrest the already perfect and natural beauty of the objects.

In the end, natural elements are made durable, long lasting and able to be worn by nature lovers everywhere, capturing the natural characteristics and making them timeless, unchanged for people to wear and enjoy. Living things, fleeting in their lifespan, are preserved. Their beauty captured for the wearer.

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Amy Reinhart

She started doing stained glass work in 2002 as a hobby in her free time as a public school teacher. She enjoys teaching glass classes as well as making pieces for sale. She is excited to make her work available to people who want an artisan made item as a remembrance.

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Suzan Morgan

As a textile artist, creating portraits are one of my favorite & lovingly creative endeavors.  I work with treasured family photographs turning them into heirloom fiber art portraits. Loved ones will work with me on color choices, style and include other images to create a lasting remembrance of the one they cherish. Portraits are completed as wall hangings or may be framed.

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Tonya Madia, Medium

As a Medium I often see spirits and the images that they show me during sessions. Every spirit communicates differently. As a Medium I do not have control of who comes through during a reading,no Medium can make that guarantee.  Although I do not control who comes through for each client, I am a firm believer that messages received for clients are always the right message at the right time.   

During a reading I naturally tune into energy vibrations or frequencies that are specific to each client.  Through this process I will also receive information for my clients in the form of intuitive thoughts, feelings, images and sounds.  The information I perceive can usually provide insights for the client. Sessions offer basic techniques or ideas to further assist in clearing emotional, spiritual and physical issues identified during the session.  A printed summary and report is also provided to each client.

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Janelle St. Martin with WeSign2

Janelle St Martin at WeSign2 is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapists. She has a strong appreciation for natural alternatives and healthy living. Her handmade oil & personally sourced blends have been created to fit many needs. The use of Essential Oils promotes healing, rejuvenation, mental clarity, hormonal balance, and sleep. WeSign2 has many wonderful blends and Essential Oil products to suit your needs. You can feel good about feeling good!

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Paul Wilmouth

My pottery making is primarily focused on function and service. Service in the kitchen and home for cooking, eating, drinking or purely decoration all intended to enhance the life experience. In addition, other vessels such as jars can contain items for every day or provide an offering to hold ideas or memories. The art is in the communication through daily interaction with vessels that are used and appreciated.

My pottery begins on a foot powered treadle wheel in a very traditional method. The forms might be made oval or square for the specific design concept. From there the surfaces might be textured or faceted to bring out the various changes from the glazes. I also use different colored clays and metal oxides for additional colors and textures.

This pottery is fired in a wood burning kiln that is salted, the wood and salt give unique effects upon the surface. The clay and glaze colors are both influenced by this process. The duration of the firing and the amount of salt added to the kiln will directly yield surfaces that make each piece completely unique. I formulate and make all clays and glazes so that I can control the ingredients and quality within each piece of pottery that I produce.

I sincerely hope you find value and inspiration in my pottery.

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Ron Hinkle

A Tamarack juried master glass artist who embodies great passion & the history of glass making from Buckhannon WV. Ron experimented with the dynamics of glass from the age of 12. He has a production & demonstration studio.

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Chip & Todd Turner

Located in Weston WV, Father and son Chip & Todd Turner have a glass production & demonstration location. Chip started glass blowing in 1982 in high school and went on to work for many local glass companies. Now son Todd has joined him in the industry.

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"I can finally sleep easy again knowing my sweet little dog is right next to my heart again in this beautiful necklace"- Dreama T.

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Stephanie Danz

Tamarack juried artist creates original designs with inspiration from her surroundings in the New River Gorge National River area of WV.